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Embrace the ancient rhythm of impermanence and eternal cycles, as an immersive Sound Bath weaves profound wisdom into a harmonious symphony of renewal and rebirth under the Equinox's celestial influence.

  • Date: 24/09/2023 11:00 AM - 24/09/2023 01:00 PM
  • Location 1 Green Street, Old Town, Eastbourne, UK (Map)
  • More Info: The studio is in Unit 19, 1 Green Street. Walk down the driveway, past the cool Tattooists that looks like a house, onto the garage forecourt and the studio is in the far right hand corner.

Price: £20


As the days grow shorter and the natural world readies for its annual transformation, the Autumn Equinox becomes a mesmerizing spectacle of balance and change. In this celestial dance between light and darkness, we find profound reflections on impermanence that reminds us of the ever-shifting nature of existence. Uniting the ancient symbolism of the Ouroboros and the tenets of Buddhism, a unique Sound Bath experience emerges, guiding participants on an introspective journey to embrace impermanence and the beauty of perpetual cycles of birth, death and rebirth,

As we weave together these two distinct beliefs the fusion of the Ouroboros and Buddhist ideals creates a harmonious tapestry, enhancing the significance of the Equinox and ourselves within it.

This Moonwater Planet Sound Bath bridges ancient symbolism and profound philosophy through the resonant tones of the gongs which, like ancient echoes from the cosmos, envelop your senses, transporting you to a state of profound relaxation, inner peace, and energetic realignment. The gongs' vibrations reach deep into your being, releasing stagnant energies and paving the way for renewal. As their celestial sounds play you may shed the old skin, leaving behind what no longer serves you, allowing you to step into a new cycle with clarity and purpose.

The crystal singing bowls, crafted from pure quartz crystal, produce ethereal, angelic sounds that resonate with your spirit. These mesmerizing harmonics create a profound sense of peace, as if time itself were suspended. Immersed in their enchanting melodies, you let go of any emotional burdens, inviting healing light to fill the void. Embracing the transformative power of impermanence, you recognize that every ending leads to a new beginning.

Rooted in ancient Buddhist traditions, the Tibetan singing bowls create grounding vibrations that connect you with the Earth's energy. Their soothing tones beckon you to a tranquil state of mind, where the cyclic nature of existence becomes apparent. As you experience the harmonious sounds, you find comfort in the constancy of change, knowing that life's perpetual journey of rebirth brings wisdom and growth.

Inspired by the four elements, the Koshi chimes bring a gentle, melodic breeze to the symphony. Their enchanting notes resonate with your heart and calm your spirit. As you release old patterns and beliefs, you welcome the ever-renewing cycles of transformation. The Koshi chimes become a reminder that life's impermanence holds a unique grace, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

In this Moonwater Planet Sound Bath, the resonant tones and harmonics of these instruments transport you to a realm of profound relaxation, inner peace, and energetic realignment. The therapeutic power of sound taps into your innate wisdom, restoring balance within your mind, body, and spirit. Embracing the fusion of ancient symbolism and profound philosophy, you immerse yourself in the beauty of impermanence and the eternal cycles of rebirth. You carry the transformative essence of this harmonious experience within, ready to embrace life's ever-flowing symphony with grace and profound acceptance.

This Sound Bath's will last between 90 minutes and TWO HOURS so please bring anything you may need to remain comfortable lying down for the duration. Yoga mats are provided but you may wish to bring your own and 'double up'. You may also wish to bring a bed topper or sleeping bag. Please bring a blanket and pillow. Anything you need to make yourself feel comfortable during this wonderful soul fuelled Sound Bath BUT please DO NOT bring inflatable beds or foldaway loungers.

Please note: Sound Baths are not suitable for those with pacemakers, epilepsy / sound induced epilepsy, in the first trimester of pregnancy, with Menieres, cancer or other serious illnesses. Sound / frequencies can be a trigger for some people.